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12 Q: What kinds of discounts?

Examples of discounts as follows:

- Quantity discount: The discount is a supplier

giving him the importer based on the quantity purchased during a certain period of time - and quantity discounts only arise when it is clear that the seller determines the prices of its goods

According to fixed plan where discounts depend on the amount of goods sold in a given period, and the discount rate is determined based on the quantity sold.

 - Cash discount: Is the discount is based supplier granting Importer peer-payment of the value of imported goods in cash (Cash) If the value of the imported goods are not repaid the time of evaluation, it is no objection to the use of the sale price to the value of the deal with the reservation to the right of verification and application materials (13 and 17 ) with the submission of the importer or his representative documents accepted by the customs administration function on the final payment for the value of imported goods to the rest of the conditions referred to materialize in the answer to question number (71).


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